At the time of the US elections, as we approached November 8, we wholeheartedly wished that Hilary Clinton would not win. The reason? She is so connected to the elite that rules the world that we feared that, with a hypothetical government of her, all the things announced will be unleashed.
We never believed that Trump would win, but when he did so in addition to the surprise, came a great joy. There would be no continuity Obama-Clinton, which could, for example, activate the HEMP, which we feared given the announcement of Mr. Obama on October 13, which by an executive order, warned of a possible climatic event that would bring earthly consequences Global We feared that, blaming the solar star, let loose their plans, which would bring with it, coupled with such an event, others not inferior in potential damage, such as viruses, earthquakes, war and thaw.
However once Trump came to power our concern has not declined, but has been exacerbated. Everything began at the inauguration. See Mme. Hilary Clinton and her husband Bill there encouraged our suspicion. She wrote a tweet in which she argued about her presence in that place, giving as reasons the defense of democracy. But he did not seem to be defending anything else, other than his position in the elite. She seemed to be pleased. Like who did the homework and got the approval of their superiors.


Surprising! It really was. A nationalist, populist speech just waiting in underdeveloped nations ... but not there! Not him! Trump's speech seemed to be fulfilling a libretto; And that draconian perception has been affirmed in the last days. "... we are transferring power from Washington DC, and we are returning it to you, the people ..." (M 2.17) <...> "... all these changes begin right here, and right now, because this moment is your moment, and It belongs to you ... "(m 3.50) <...>" ... this is your day and your celebration, and this North America is your country ... "

The populism of Trump was evident in phrases such as "... the real problem is not which party controls the government, but now the government is controlled by the people ..." Phrases like those we have heard in countries not advanced, misnamed Third World, and We already know how much damage they have done. The strategy of populism began in the Russia of the tsars, which was overthrown by the movement of the Bolsheviks, giving way to communism. But the USSR was dissolved because such a system did not serve, giving way to separate republics and a renewed Russia, exercising a new democreacia.

South America has suffered populism with terrible consequences. But the experience of South America serves to portend what will come in North America. And that's what worries you.


Trump's speech and government seems to allow the forerun of a "class struggle." The poor vs the rich, the black vs the whites, the "religion" vs the atheists, the natives vs the aliens, etc. The "government of the people" has to raise the banner of the dispossessed to power, and Trump will serve for this. But when the promised things are not achieved, then a fratricidal struggle will come. It will no longer be Republicans vs. Democrats, but the people vs. the oligarchy. This must raise an unbridled class struggle that will bring death and desolation.


Trump has done what he promised. On the one hand, it has suspended the Refugee Admission Program (USRAP) and has prevented nationals from 7 countries (Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Libya) from entering the United States, at least During 120 days. The high-pitched tone of his statements induces anger: "I hereby declare that the entry of Syrian citizens as refugees is detrimental to the interests of the United States, and therefore I will suspend any entry until such time as it is determined that there are changes Sufficient to ensure that the admission of Syria to the refugees is consistent with the national interest, "said the executive order.

This sparked anger inside and outside the United States. New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, Seattle and San Diego have been places in North America where there have been protests. At the airports of these cities, Protestants have gathered to make noise. In other countries like the United Kingdom, for example, they have also had their protests.

On the other hand is the wall. He has signed the memorandum to begin the procedures for the construction of the border wall with Mexico. This, although less shocking than the issue of immigrants, has caused discomfort inside and outside the US, because it is exclusive and selective, and has gone against the traditional US relationship with its neighbors.


Now there is the issue of relations with Israel and its neighbors. Trump said, and this is something that he has not yet executed, perhaps because it is a very hot affair, that he would move the US embassy to Jerusalem. The US has had its embassy in Tel Aviv, symbolic capital of Israel, since always. Jerusalem has been set aside because of the very high level of conflict it generates, because Palestinians and Jews claim it as capital.
To move the embassy to Jerusalem would be to challenge the Muslim world, and above all to challenge the Palestinians and the terrorist groups that live on their borders. The Prime Minister of Israel sr. Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Saturday January 21, that he hoped to meet with Donald Trump to "discuss how to face the threat posed by Iran." Both held a telephone interview later.

Iranian officials have warned President Trump that if he takes a wrong step, he could unleash a third world war that would wipe Israel off the face of the earth and destroy the smaller states of the gulf. In a declaration of 2015 the religious leader of Israel, Ali Khamenei would have said: "As we have already said, the Zion regime will cease to exist in the next 25 years if the Palestinians and the Muslims fight collectively and united against the Zionists." On the other hand, Ahmad Karim Pour, a senior adviser to the elite unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qud Force, stated that: If the supreme leader (Ali Khamenei) gives the order, with the technology and equipment at our disposal, we will Razing the Zionist regime in less than eight minutes. "


It seems that Donald Trump is part of the tragicomedy that the elite wants to impose on us, and that Clinton-Obama was only part of the comparsa. Everything was planned so that he would reach the presidency, and that with it the planned end would be unleashed. The Illuminati - Masons planned this third war since the late 19th century, of which there is evidence in the letters between Albert S Pykes and Giusseppe Mazzinni. The third world war would come because of the deepening of the differences between Israel and the Palestinians. This was planned.

Sadly Trump is stirring up the fire between Palestine and Israel, and at the same time incites the issue against Muslims. This had already begun George W Bush in 2001, after the situation with the twin towers. This issue is controversial because the evidence seems to indicate that Wall Street was planned ahead of time. That was captured in the cards of the game Illuminatis, and in the series of the X-Files. Having developed the theme before it happened, gives much to the suspicion.

Trump has been put there to provoke the situation of the planned end. When the issue of Israel Palestine is at its peak, we must see carefully what it will do because from there will the first bomb. This will unleash the war. Meanwhile it is possible to foresee skirmishes on the border with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and who knows if ISIS.
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