On Thursday October 13 of this year (2016), the President of the United States of Nortamérica Barack Obama issued an executive order which instructed some government agencies to take provisions against possible climate event. It would happen next. The news appeared on RT, was took from the website of the White House.

In the executive order, according to the summary of RT instruction is given to those responsible for nuclear plants to ensure that plants possess a protocol emergency shutdown. On the other hand, instructs the Pentagon to be vigilant against any weather event, that might affect weapons systems, military operations or defense. Another goes to the Department of the Interior, in order to study the variations in the magnetic field of the earth. Finally  alerts the department of energizes, to protect the power grid to an event that were associated with geomagnetic disturbances. These are, more or less, the terms of the executive order as RT.

It seems that this event possible, would be associated with some super energized eruption from the sun, which will surely affect us. If our planet receive the enormous amount of energy released from the sun during its permanent explosions, it could affect the operation of the electrical system, communications and data transmission (Internet). But our planet has a natural defense shield, which prevents such rays can penetrate. The magnetic field of the earth, ensures that the solar wind is deflected, which keeps us protected.

Some research we have done, in consultation pages of people talking about this, realizes that at this time no unusual activity was seen in the sun, so he could do boast an event out of the ordinary. Some also say it is impossible to predict, with more than a week time, solar event. There is no technology to do so. You can check on the predictions of solar activity in

However, Obama has warned about this and has given very precise instructions about ¿Is it possible that the US president, has available technology to predict 4 months or more, solar activity? The executive order gives a period of 120 days to prepare for this weather event, which suggests that Mr. Obama would be the way to predict months in advance, this solar event. Another possibility is that he do not has access to such information as accurate, and he is lying to us.

¿What would happen in this world if suddenly we stuck without power? How it affects us be absolutely solitary confinement? A scenario in which there is no large power source, and at the same time not accessible communication is unthinkable. The most important thing will be the food. With no electrical energy, in the very short term, could be impossible to access food, it lead people go hungry, malnutrition and most likely death. Another immediate consequence would be health. Without access to hospitals and the absence of establishments selling medicines, health would break to the point of death. A third serious element is the acces to water. Power plants would stop pumping the liquid and this would disappear by the pipes. There would be no possibility to access it.

The  euronews website public an article by which realizes the concern of the German government, which instructed his people to store food for 10 days. Part of the note of the site says:

Store water and food for at least ten days to be ready in case disaster. It is part of civil defense plan submitted by the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere on Wednesday: "The growing vulnerability of our modern infrastructure and dependence on contemporary society of resources such as electricity, water, information technology or food, indicates that there are numerous risks and requires a diversified preparation"

As we see from euronews information, the concern of the German government is focused on electricity, food, water and communication. Just as the US government.

The question we ask is whether is there not unusual in the sun activity, and also if there is no possibility of predicting the behavior of the star beyond 3 days, and if finally the electromagnetic field of the earth is intact and still protecting us, why we must prepare for climate cataclysm announced by Obama?

The answer may not come from the proposed logic. Governments around the world want us to have a line of thought, induced by them. They pretend that we really are convinced that something happens to our star sun. But we can think differently. Dr Richard Day who lectured in the years 60`s said:

Because the world do not  makes  the right questions; because people are too confident.

Doctor Day was a display of the Elite plans to establish a New World Order. The Elite is based on this premise: Docility of humanity and its always credulous attitude that accepts everything they haring, is what will take us to destruction.

Elite is a hidden government, that few have noticed. They are composed of the most prominent elements of the world, among which we can find, kings, presidents, heads of governments, owners of the economy, corporations, entrepreneurs, military, and leading researchers. They plan, make decisions and implement projects worldwide. Without you and I knowledge.

This elite has planned at least 200 years in advance, all the wars that have happened, as well as declines our economy. They have shared the riches of this world, and are the ones who have led the state of poverty in some countries. It is no coincidence that the richest countries are in North America, Europe and Asia. And most affected are Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

This silent government wants to establish a New World Order, which would remove the old order that we know. A NOM is seeking to establish: a.- A single government, b.- A Single Economy c.-  one religion and d.-,  one army. To achieve this requires creating a state of chaos worldwide. Such a situation would come from: the dark (no electricity), hunger (no production or sale), diseases (virus that will be scattered around the world for which there is no cure, no treatment, no medicine) and violence because the chaos that would give  the entrance to a world government of "conciliation". This would be the government of antichrist.

What will happen with the announcement of Obama? The question is what about what Obama said is true, and how much is speculation? Obama said what will happen, but it will not come as a solar event. It occurs using the latest technology available. The elite has the resources to produce an event that would produce the same results as if it were the solar wind had penetrated our atmosphere, as we are led to believe.

To do this they have to use what for short English is known as HEMP

HEMP is a weapon developed as a result of nuclear testing. It was a side effect. Once downloaded the nuclear bomb, technicians realized that, in the range of the wave expansion,  the electronic devices were stopped  . This led scientists to investigate and found that gamma waves, which are the most invasive, causing this effect. They immediately went to work, and developed this highly effective weapon of war.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN? It is very probably that the elite will launch an worldwide attack with HEMP. I should mention at this point that the HEMP does not destroy as the effect of a nuclear bomb. What makes Hemp is to cut the electrical supply, disrupt communications and cut data transmission.
The effect of HEMP is to kill slowly, in a long term, but mu efficiently. This is what they will do: They will launch several missiles loaded with nuclear bombs, into the stratosphere, but where the magnetic field of the earth can not prevent waves back. Once exploited nuclear devices, the degree of saturation gamma waves invade the Earth's atmosphere and nullify the operation of electricity production plants, cut communications and prevent data transmission.

The planet was dark for a long, long time. This will make the shops close, the food companies to stop working. Hospitals closed and there will not be where moving the wounded and sick, no one will make them attend. Having no food looting and theft broke out. There will be no pity for the lives, and people murdered for food. Will be chaos.

WHY ?: Perhaps you wonder: What will this madness that? For them (Elite) is a problem of overpopulation of the planet. They say that produce food for such a large number of people is highly expensive and problematic. They say there is not enough food for everyone. Ensure the health of 7.2 billion people is virtually impossible.

Georgia guides stones speak of a population of 500,000,000 is manageable. They say that the planet should be no greater than this number. So they plan to reduce the total that exists now, that manageable number for them.´

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

It is also the message of sr. President of the United States of America is dissuasive and persuasive. Deterrent because it seeks leave without blaming any government on earth and is persuasive because you want the whole of humanity blame the sun in such a misfortune befall us. But certainly the fault of the elite that rules the world from silence.


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